Our Story 

Harborne Baptist Church has a long and rich history in our community. Baptists have been worshipping in Harborne since 1780, when they met in a chapel on Bond Street. The Harborne Baptist Sunday School was founded in 1821, and a chapel building was purchased on Harborne High Street in 1836. The first Minister of Harborne Baptist Church was called in 1854, and a new Chapel opened in 1865. Faced with the challenges of maintaining an old building, in 1972 the church moved into a new site on Harborne Park Road. 

Old building A

Following the generous bequest of church member Jessie Bonell, an extensive programme of renovation begun in 2010 saw the building transformed. The design for the transformation was simple and exciting - to allow those passing by to see clearly into the church so that they can see our worship, feel welcomed by the church family and understand that we are proud of the God we serve.  The front of the church has become a beautiful glass atrium the whole width of the building, topped by a simple cross, inviting the world to share our love of Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Building resized

In September 2017, nearly 200 years after Baptists began ministry in Harborne, Harborne Baptist Church called Pete Maycock as their new Minister. Building on our long traditions of committed gospel ministry, we look forward to where God will lead us into the future. You can read more about our 2020 Vision here, or by clicking on the image below.

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