Staff and Leadership

Please find below an introduction to our church leaders and staff members.
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Revd Pete Maycock (Minister)
Pete was appointed our Minister in September 2017. He was Minister-in-Training for 3 years before that, and has previously spent 10 years in Thailand with BMS World Mission. Pete is married to Lizz, and they have three children.
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Roger Thompson (Deacon)   Sarah Barnett (Deacon)

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Katie Stafford (Deacon)   Jackie Wheeldon (Deacon)

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Josh Smith (Deacon)   Helen Salter (Deacon)

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Luis Todino (Deacon)   Jill Oldfield (Deacon)

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Mike Taylor (Church Secretary)   Brenda Green (Treasurer)

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Eunice Smith (Junior Church Coordinator)  
Sibylle Muller (Des. Person for Safeguarding)

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Manjit Mangat (Office Administrator)    Cynthia Chadwell (Church Centre Manager)

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